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Pets Currently Calling Me Mom

My pets are always from rescues or shelters, or rehomed from the public who no longer want them. 
I tend to adopt the "less desirable ones" who may have health or behaviour issues...
except the dog - who was a shelter puppy, without any problems other than being a puppy. 
(Although I purchase my fish from a pet store, all my other pets are always adopted from rescues. )
(If there was a small fish rescue nearby, I'd get mine from there as well.)

9 years old - 2017
Californian born in my house

Andina Cuy
around 4 years old - 2018

around 3 years old - 2018
born in my house
I've only a baby picture. She's Cosmos's girlfriend.

Tillamook - A cheesy dog

(35 pounds of happy Mutt)
"Oooh!  I'll get my ball!!"
Tilly, now 5 years old in this picture, is a ball chasing freak! Her favorite appetizers are lettuce (any kind with crunchy bits), carrots, tomatoes, water melon, apples, and best of all.... BANANAS!
If the guineas eat it, Tilly wants some too.