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Pets from the Past -

Lucky  -Bebe's girlfriend.
Died from complications to anesthesia.

 Marie - Anoki and Kenya's momma
Was told it was prolapsed bladder.

Pumpkin - Ambers pal

Inconclusive- Possibly Infection
Daisy Mae
Complications to over active hormones and enlarged ovaries.
Complications to ongoing Pneumonia
He was just over a year old.

My $15,000 boy.
We beat the bacterial infection at Thanksgiving 2016 that had you in the ICU for a week, and the URI at Christmas that lingered until March,
 but we couldn't beat the cancer at summer 2017.

Bebe - My first guinea pig.
Kidney failure.

Kenya - Died of old age issues at 6 1/2 yrs old.We tried for 7 but her little body just couldn't run the race and retired before then.

Hok'ee - My 2nd fav boy.
Long term infection.

Mo - Best friend of Fiona and Hok'ee


Old Age


Mr Pig
Toxemia. He was 8 yrs old and had multiple cysts and infections. I owned him for the last 3 weeks of his life.
Liver failure.

Anoki - My favorite girl. Marie's daughter. Kenya's sister.
Complications to anesthesia after surgery to have a stone removed.

Amber- Beautiful red roan Aby
Diabetes complications.

Ziggy - My old man!
Old Age!
Charley the ??th
I always seem to have a "gold" fish named Charley. This one died of some kind of infection. He was 3 years old and larger than my hand.

Georgie girl and Charley
Both died within a year of each other to a microbacterium.

All 7 pond fish
We believe some kind of bird ate them all.